TER Casings

The casing TER is a reality

Last May, the TR casing (tender edible round) was presented at the IFFA fair, a casing designed to replace the natural casing in the production of fresh, cooked and smoked sausages, Frankfurt type. Fibran Group has already begun receiving numerous orders that confirm...

Improvements in the production process of Fibran Group

The implementation of the second Robot TK will increase the productive capacity for this type of knot while the new knot machine CE, specially adapted to the behavior of the gut, will provide improvements in the entrance hopper, the realization of the knot and the...

Fibran Group

Fibran Group it is the union of companies Fibran, Edicas, Fibran Middle East and Fibran Turkey.

With a combined total of more than 65 years of history, the new group will continue with its commitment to innovation, quality and the development of partnerships with its customers. The Fibran Group, brings together all the experience, know-how and expertise of its four subsidiaries, in the fields of design, manufacture, sale and distribution of natural collagen casings. The Fibran Group offers small and large calibre casings, to both direct and indirect consumer markets.

The formation of this group further enhances innovation, research and the development of the new products and applications

The Fibran Group exports 90% of its production to all five continents.

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